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OSC Readiness Workgroup (Task Force)

Site Contact:
Laura Casillas
Emergency Planner


Site Location:
1200 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Mail code: 5202G
Washington DC, DC 20460

The OSC Readiness Work Group (OSCRWG) now serves as the previous OSC Readiness Task Force. This is the EPA OSCRWG private site for use by the Work Group and other EPA personnel. The Work Group is currently revamping the Task Force charter and process to describe how it operates now as the OSCRWG. The OSCRWG serves the same role as the OSC Task Force. Products for the OSCRWG will continue to be housed on this page.

The OSCRWG was originally created in 1982 (as the Task Force). The Task Force was comprised of 2 OSCs from each Region (serving 3-year terms), plus Removal Manager and Headquarters representatives. The Task Force was responsible for identifying issues important to OSC readiness and the emergency response/removal program, and for actively working to resolve those issues (or for raising the issues to program management for assignment to those who can).

This site contains documents supporting the Work Group's mission, including draft work products that are still under deliberation and some final that are to remain internal to EPA. Documents currently being collaborated on by multiple members can be found on the OSCRWG Share Point Site.