Mystery Oil Sheen Chicago Sanitary Ship Canal, Lemont, IL

Lemont, IL - Region V


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Ramon Mendoza
On-Scene Coordinator

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Lemont, IL 60439

Latitude: 41.6632000
Longitude: -88.0460000
NRC#: 1075674

On March 4, 2014, EPA OSC responded to a NRC report (#1075674,) of an oil sheen from an unknown source on the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal (CSSC) in Lemont, Illinois .The reporting party (Genesis Marine Boat Captain) gave a nautical location of Mile Marker 298, Illinois River, Lemont, Illinois.

EPA OSC Mendoza observed the actual geographical location of the oil sheen on the CSSC shoreline at lat 41.663200 long -88.046000 from 1500-1700 hrs, along about .25 miles of waterfront. Access to the shoreline was gained through the Korall facility located at 305 New Avenue, Lemont IL. The facility personnel provide access voluntarily.

EPA OSC Mendoza noted that the oil sheen was barely visible along the waterfront at and upstream of the Korall facility boat./barge operations.The oil appeared to be a light oil, and was sporadic on surface of the water to the extent that the volume was minimal and not recoverable . Snow along the waterfront was melting and flowed in the River through storm water drains or directly over the banks. OSC Mendoza interviewed USCG Jeremy Thomas (by phone) who was at the same location earlier that day with his team. Mr. Thomas indicated that his team also inspected the CSSC upstream and downstream of MM 298 and did not find any oil or source of oil spill. Mr.Thomas agreed that the oil was not recoverable. No further action is planned for this Site.

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