NIMS Integration Team

Washington, DC - HQ

Site Contact:

Roberta Runge
National NIMS Coordinator

1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW 12th Floor
Washington, DC 20460

Latitude: 38.8947650
Longitude: -77.0288880

The responsibility for EPA NIMS implementation has been assigned to the Assistant Administrator (AA) of the Office of Land and Emergency Response (OLEM). This function will be managed by OLEM’S Office of Emergency Management (OEM), which will ensure the coordination of plan development with all EPA program offices. The National NIMS Coordinator will be responsible for the day-to-day plan management and serve as the chair of the NIMS Integration Team (NIT).

The NIT is responsible for developing EPA ICS policy, guidance documents and training programs for NIMS Implementation. Regional On Scene Coordinators (OSCs), along with representatives from the Environmental Response Team (ERT), the Office of Radiation and Indoor Air (ORIA), the Consequence Management Advisory Division (CMAD), and the IT Forum compose the membership of the NIT. These regional and programmatic ICS coordinators will provide a mechanism for EPA to standardize the implementation across EPA. Additionally, they are responsible for, among other duties, insuring that regional Incident Management Team (IMT) development is consistent with national guidelines, ensuring regional personnel and management are informed of ICS, NIMS and National Response Framework updates, ensuring ICS/IMT training is accessible to responders, assisting in the development of exercises involving IMT activations, and coordinating with Regional Support Corp (RSC) personnel through OEM’s Preparedness and Response Operations Division.

Current members of the NIMS Integration Team:

Roberta Runge, National NIMS Coordinator, OEM
Carol Tucker, R1, Removal Manager Representative
Ronnie Crosland, R6, Removal Manager Representative
Gary Lipson, R1
Carl Pellegrino, R2
Michael Towle, R3
Steve Spurlin, R4
Kevin Turner,R5
John Martin, R6
Monica Smith, R6
Dave Williams, R7
Craig Myers, R8
Steve Calanog, R9
Mike Boykin, R10
Steve Ridenour, National IMAT Coordinator, OEM
JoAnn Eskelsen, Environmental Response Team
Sara DeCair, Office of Indoor Air and Radiation
Elise Jakabhazy, Consequence Management Advisory Division, OEM