Rolnick Property Site

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Brewer, ME - EPA Region I
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Rolnick Property Site - Removal Polrep
Final Removal Polrep

Region I

Subject: POLREP #12
Rolnick Property Site
Brewer, ME
Latitude: 44.7903000 Longitude: -68.7700000

From: Dan Wainberg, On-Scene Coordinator
Date: 8/12/2010
Reporting Period: 11/16/2009 to 6/18/2010

1. Introduction
  1.1 Background
Site Number: 01EU    Contract Number:  
D.O. Number:      Action Memo Date: 8/18/2008
Response Authority: CERCLA    Response Type: Time-Critical
Response Lead: EPA    Incident Category: Removal Action
NPL Status: Non NPL    Operable Unit:
Mobilization Date: 10/16/2008    Start Date: 10/16/2008
Demob Date: 12/3/2009    Completion Date: 6/18/2010
ERNS No.:    State Notification:
FPN#:    Reimbursable Account #:

1.1.1 Incident Category

CERCLA Removal Action

1.1.2 Site Description Location
The Site, which abuts the Penobscot River, is located in a mixed residential and commercial area and is approximately 0.5 miles from the Brewer town center.  According to 2006 census data, Brewer has an approximate population of 9,079.  

Location details are:

• 151 South Main Street, Brewer, Penobscot County, Maine; and
• North 44°47’25.31” latitude, west 68°46’12.43” longitude.

The Site is bordered to the:

• North by three residential properties along Hardy Street and a town owned parcel that is the location of a formerly active municipal landfill and currently houses a pump station.  Additionally, this parcel is being utilized as a staging area for the Maine Department of Transportation;
• East by South Main Street;
• West by the Penobscot River; and
• South by the Penobscot River and a commercial property. Description of Threat
In January of 2008, the Maine Department of Environmental Protection (MEDEP) requested that EPA Region 1 Emergency Planning & Response Branch evaluate the subject property, which is currently privately owned, to determine whether lead contaminated surface and subsurface soils along the Penobscot River pose a public health and environmental threat.  On 18 April 2008, OSC Wainberg and Enforcement Coordinator Hennessy met with MEDEP representative Tracy Weston at the DEP Augusta offices to perform a file review and to conduct a site visit at the Rolnick Property.  At the Site, T. Weston and the current property owner provided a tour and explained previous investigations and removal work.  On 15 May 2008, the OSC, EPA contractors, and MEDEP completed a Removal Program Preliminary Assessment/Site Investigation (PA/SI), which included collecting soil samples in areas of concern that MEDEP previously identified.  OSC Wainberg recommended a time-critical removal action at the Rolnick Property Site in a Closure Memorandum dated 14 July 2008.

On 19 August 2008, an Action Memorandum was approved authorizing a removal action at the Rolnick Property Site to address the public health and environmental threat posed by the lead in surface soils along the Penobscot River.

2. Current Activities
  2.1 Operations Section

2.1.1 Narrative
Since POLREP #11 the following activities have been conducted:

During the week of 16 November 2009:
- The Emergency Rapid Response Services (ERRS) contractor completed revetment touchup activities (see section 2.1.2 Progress Metrics);
- The ERRS contractor shipped lead contaminated soil off site for disposal at a permitted disposal facility (see section 2.1.2 Progress Metrics);
- The ERRS contractor completed topsoil placement and final grading activities throughout the site;
- The ERRS contractor completed installation of silt fence and erosion control matting along the top of the revetment;
- The ERRS sub-contracted landscaper spread hydroseed and hay over impacted areas;
- The Superfund Technical Assistance and Response Team (START) contractor engineer mobilized to the site to inspect the completed rip-rap revetment; and
- The START contractor conducted air monitoring activities.

During the week of 30 November 2009:
The ERRS contractor demobilized all equipment and personnel from the site.  As of 3 December 2009, all equipment and personnel were demobilized from the site. 

During the week of 14 June 2010:
The MEDEP contractor re-vegetated the areas impacted by removal activities to promote long-term soil stabilization and erosion control.  Re-vegetation included planting various types of shrubs and trees along the buffer strip adjacent to the rip-rap revetment.   

Progress Metrics

% Completion of Rip-Rap Revetment Installation As Of: 08/11/2010
Total Linear Feet of Riverbank Linear Feet Completed Linear Feet Remaining % Complete
900 900 0 100%


Waste Treatment and Disposal
Wastestream Quantity (tons) On-Site
Disposal Facility
Non-RCRA Lead Contaminated Soil (Soil) 5,987 Not Required Pine Tree Landfill
Hampden, ME
Non-RCRA Lead Contaminated Soil (Teated Soil) 3,799 Yes Juniper Ridge Landfill
Old Town, ME
Non-RCRA Lead Contaminated Material (Timbers) 256 Not Required Juniper Ridge Landfill
Old Town, ME
Total 10,041    

2.1.3 Response Actions to Date

In 2006, MEDEP performed a remediation of petroleum contaminated soils in the northeast corner of the property where the former gasoline station was located.




  2.2 Planning Section
    2.2.1 Anticipated Activities


  2.3 Logistics Section

  2.4 Finance Section
    No information available at this time.

  2.5 Other Command Staff
    2.5.1 Safety Officer

2.6 Liaison Officer
Refer to Cooperating Agencies Section

2.7 Information Officer

3. Participating Entities
  3.1 Unified Command

3.2 Cooperating Agencies
EPA worked closely with the following agencies:
- MEDEP to provide field soil sampling analysis and funding and coordinating the re-vegetation of the riverbank;
- USACE to provide the Conceptual Plans for the riverbank stabilization and will remain available for concurrence, regulatory coordination, and technical support;
- U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for coordination pursuant to Section 7 of the Endangered Species Act;
- National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) for coordination pursuant to Section 7 of the Endangered Species Act; and
- City of Brewer is providing assistance in areas of public works, law enforcement, fire, parks and rec., and other assitance as necessary. 

4. Personnel On Site
  All personnel have been demobilized from the site.

5. Definition of Terms

6. Additional sources of information
  6.1 Internet location of additional information/report
For additional information please refer to

6.2 Reporting Schedule
No additional POLREPs are anticipated to be issued at this time.

7. Situational Reference Materials
  No information available at this time.