Treoil Industries Biorefinery

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ec0801 Figure 2.pdf Second figure from 2000 EPA RSE. Map 7/11/2017 52 KB Download
ec0801 Figure 1.pdf Site diagram from 2000 EPA RSE. Map 7/11/2017 2726 KB Download
Action Memo Final_Ex.pdf EPA Action Memorandum. Documents EPA's decision to exercise Removal authority under CERCLA and the National Contingency Plan at this site. Action Memo 6/15/2017 2608 KB Download
Treoil AST Summary Assessment Report FINAL.pdf Summary report of all Aboveground Storage Tanks (ASTs) inventoried at the Treoil property at the time of EPA's March 2017 emergency removal action including their respective capacity and contents. This report is subject to update by EPA in the future based on follow up response actions and/or assessment activity. Report 5/18/2017 10347 KB Download
TreoilDrainageFacility.pdf Map documenting the confirmed surface water pathways between the Treoil site and the drainage ditch which conveys water westward along Aldergrove Road. This drainage ditch connects with a creek which discharges into the Georgia Strait. Map 3/16/2017 324 KB Download
TreoilDrainage.pdf Map shows pathway to navigable waters as documented through surveys performed by EPA personnel, EPA response contractors, and Washington State Department of Ecology water program officials. This pathway demonstrates the nexus between potential oil spills on site and navigable waters of the United States. Map 3/16/2017 316 KB Download
Sample Strategy Memo.pdf Using the information collected during EPA's emergency work at the Treoil facility, this is a simple framework developed for partner agencies, property owners, or prospective purchasers of the property to begin developing an approach to a soil and groundwater investigation. Memo 8/29/2017 6926 KB Download