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Safety Officer Toolbox

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File Name Description Category Uploaded Size Download 
SOFR Job Aid.doc Safety Officer Job Aid Safety Tng & Quals 4/7/2014 690 KB Download
Tng and Quals Order,.pdf Training and Qualification Order Safety Tng & Quals 4/7/2014 109 KB Download
On-Shore Heat Stress On Shore Management Plan - Houma Final Rev 6-8-10[1].pdf Heat Stress Onshore Mgmt - Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Heat/Cold Stress 3/25/2014 353 KB Download
Offshore Heat Stress Mgmt Plan.pdf Heat Stress Offshore Mgmt - Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Heat/Cold Stress 3/25/2014 589 KB Download
Cold Environments.docx Cold Environment Info Heat/Cold Stress 3/25/2014 63 KB Download
EPA ICS 208_FINAL Site Safety and Control Plan.docx EPA ICS 208 Site Safety & Control Plan ICS Forms 3/25/2014 70 KB Download
ARSFER Student Manual complete 2014-02-10 2.pdf Advanced Radiation Safety for EPA Emergency Responders - Student manual Safety Brief 4/9/2014 21842 KB Download
TTS Training Presentation (August 2004).ppt EPA Trailer Towing Training Presentation with detailed instructions for trailering - 2004 Safety Brief 4/9/2014 53069 KB Download
208a - Boat Launching Safety Guidelines 6-29-10 v1.pdf Boat Launching - BP 208's developed during DeepWater Horizon 2010, IMT Mobile, AL ICS Form 208 DWH 4/2/2014 50 KB Download
chemhazardlist 070813Yash.xlsx Chemical & Biohazard list of concerm with exposure guidelines and monitoring recommendations. ERT - 2013 Reference Docs 4/2/2014 72 KB Download
ICS_206_Medical 12Dec05.doc ICS 206 medical plan example from Hurricane Katrina response listing medical resources and emergency medical procedures ICS Forms 4/2/2014 205 KB Download
Observation Near Drill Rigs AHA[1].docx JHA/AHA - Drill Rig Observation, Deep Water Horizon JHA-DW Horizon 4/1/2014 20 KB Download
Flood HASP - 2008_062708 ver2.doc Midwest Flood HASP - OSHA 2008 HASP Example 4/1/2014 134 KB Download
EPA Tailgate Safety Form.docx Tailgate (daily/shift) operational safety meeting Safety Brief 4/1/2014 0 KB Download
EPA Field Health & Safety Review 2.xlsx Generic Field Safety Audit Checklist Form-Safety Audit 4/1/2014 18 KB Download