Safety Officer Toolbox

Washington, DC - HQ


Site Contact:

Gregory Deangelis

Washington, DC 20004

This web site is intended to support the Safety Officer in an Incident Management Team. It was developed based on Safety Officer positions and issues at a number of different responses to include: Hurricanes Katrina/Rita, Hurricane Irene/TS Lee, Enbridge Oil Spill, Deepwater Horizon, & Hurricane Sandy. It is constantly being upgraded and expanded as new information, policies and procedures are developed. The purpose of the site is to create a tool box for Safety Officers, Deputy Safety Officer, and Assistant Safety Officers. This web site is intended to be updated as needed by field personnel who serve in the SO, DSO and ASO positions with current information and lessons learned as we continue to implement the National Incident Management System.

Please contact Gregory DeAngelis (R2), Brian Kovak (ERT) or Laura Casillas (R3) to add or edit information on this web site.