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Trowbridge Township Dam Area


All Images [11]
Entrance to 26th Street staging area<br />Date Taken: 9/2/2020<br />Category: Site Photo<br />Latitude: 42.4813916666667<br />Longitude: -85.7982027777778<br />Tags:
Field Staging Area at 26th Street Boat Launch<br />Date Taken: 7/1/2020<br />Category: Site Photo<br />Latitude: 42.48195<br />Longitude: -85.7963416666667<br />Tags:
Floating safety boom in front of Trowbridge Dam to alert recreational users to exit up boat ramp<br />Date Taken: 8/10/2020<br />Category: Site Photo<br />Latitude: 42.4828638888889<br />Longitude: -85.794425<br />Tags:
Boat crew taking riverbank soil core sample<br />Date Taken: 8/10/2020<br />Category: Site Photo<br />Latitude: 42.4862944444444<br />Longitude: -85.7716361111111<br />Tags:
Work crews taking river sediment cores via plastic tubes advanced by a pneumatic hammer.<br />Date Taken: 7/18/2020<br />Category: Site Photo<br />Latitude: 42.4826361111111<br />Longitude: -85.795975<br />Tags:
Staked locations of a typical riverbank soil core sampling location<br />Date Taken: 8/10/2020<br />Category: Site Photo<br />Latitude: 42.4783222222222<br />Longitude: -85.7559805555556<br />Tags:
The single utility pole on the south bank of the river at Trowbridge Dam was replaced by 3 poles located away from the dam.<br />Date Taken: 1/28/2021<br />Category: Site Photo<br />Latitude: <br />Longitude: <br />Tags:
Barge with sonic drilling rig conducting deep sediment core sampling<br />Date Taken: 5/20/2021<br />Category: Site Photo<br />Latitude: <br />Longitude: <br />Tags:
Land Rover conducting deep soil borings on the river banks<br />Date Taken: 5/21/2021<br />Category: Site Photo<br />Latitude: <br />Longitude: <br />Tags:
Grading activities at 26th Street staging area<br />Date Taken: 8/27/2021<br />Category: Site Photo<br />Latitude: <br />Longitude: <br />Tags:
26th Staging Area Grading & Stabilization completed<br />Date Taken: 10/6/2021<br />Category: Site Photo<br />Latitude: 42.4810878611111<br />Longitude: -85.7994186944444<br />Tags: