Powhatan Mining Company

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Woodlawn, MD - EPA Region III
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On-Scene Coordinator - Jack Kelly 9/17/2011
Time-Critical - Removal Action Pollution Report (POLREP) #33
Start Date: 8/16/2010
Site Description
The Powhatan Mining Company site is the location of a former asbestos processing facility. The mill operated from approximately 1920 to 1980 primarily processing anthophyllite asbestos.  Asbestos ore for the mill was mined in Maryland until about the 1940s and later brought in from several States including California, Georgia and Alabama. The site is bordered on all sides by residential properties and the residential yards to the southwest lie within feet of the former processing facility and in the path of site runoff.  In 2006, the property to the east of the former mill was  subdivided into residential lots for new home construction. From 2006 to 2008, the residential lots were  cleared and graded and retention ponds were installed. Development ceased after only two homes were constructed.

The former processing facility is a multi-story building with a loading area on the northeast end (cement block portion) and a processing area at the southwest end (rusted metal portion).  The asbestos fiber extraction process took place inside the building complex.  Asbestos ore was reportedly received and first dried in the cement block portion of the complex.  Further processing of the rock ore is believed to have occurred in the metal portion of the facility, a multi-level, timber-framed structure with stone foundation and corrugated metal siding.  In the milling operation believed used at this facility, the asbestos ore was first crushed to a normal, even size and then dried.  Fiber extraction then occured through a series of crushing operations, each followed by vacuum aspiration of the ore running on a vibrating screen.  On the screen, the fibers were released from the ore and collected into a vacuum system.  Fibers recovered from consecutive vibrating screens were brought to cyclone separators, and the air filtered to remove the finer, suspended fibers.

The property was brought to EPA's attention by the Maryland Dept of the Environment.  After an initial assessment, a non-emergency Removal Action primarily intended to secure building openings was initiated by the OSC in a Special Bulletin dated August 11, 2009.  More recent sampling data and conditions warranted a time-critical action. A time-critical Action Memorandum for the site, concurred on by HQ, was signed on June 8, 2010. In addition, a memorandum authorizing demolition and compensation to the property owner was approved by the Region and HQ on this date.

EPA will be conducting removal activities at the site in order to deconstruct the facility and remove/cover soil which may pose a threat to public health and/or the environment.  During activities which will cause significant disturbance of interior dust or outdoor soils, air samples periodically will be collected from personal sampling devices on cleanup personnel to determine if proper levels of protection are being used at the site.  Additional air samples will be collected along the perimeter of the site to confirm that engineering controls are protective of the surrounding community.

Current Activities
9/5 to 9/10 -  ERRS crew demobed.  No onsite activity.

9/12 - OSC in Phila office for paperwork and a meeting. ERRS crew mobed back to the site.  They are grubbing the back of the property below new garage to prepare for excavation and sodding.

9/13 - ERRS crew continuing to grub, chip trees in the area noted above,  Removed large tree stump and surrounding soil that showed asbestos levels up to 7%.  Subcontractor Aurora Paving Co. here to put down gravel base for area to have asphalt placed. The company apparently broke a section of the trench drain running across the driveway; they have agreed to purchase parts and repair.

9/14 - ERRS conducting same activities as above. Aurora layed the base coat of asphalt. Will return to repair trench drain.

9/15 - START here to collect perimeter air samples as a precautionary measure since activities are getting closer to residential yards. ERRS began excavating in area below the new garage adjacent to the owner's house. At the base of the house deck, a dense amount of discarded asbestos pre-product (?) was discovered (area about 3' by 2' by 1' deep).
The material resembled what appears in the Powhatan Mining Company's old product brochures. ERRS removed all visible asbestos and the location will be covered with soil, orange fencing and sod.

9/16 - OSC not onsite due to a family issue.  START collected perimeter air samples and two personal air samples. ERRS continued to excavate in area below the new garage.

9/17 - ERRS crew not excavating this day (Saturday) due to proximity of residences.  Mainly grubbing and chipping trees in the area of the site  near the adjacent PHD property in preparation for clearing a path to residential yards.

Planned Removal Actions
- Stockpile excavated contaminated soil and arrange for disposal.
- Complete placement of clean fill and grass blankets over  the former processing facility footprint.
- Complete the asphalt cover on the identified area.
- Begin to sod the area below the new garage where soil was excavated.
- Move to the area behind the owner's house and the old processing facility for excavation and the placement of sod or stone.

Next Steps
- Once "Planned Removal Actions" are complete, move to residential yards.

Disposition Of Wastes
Below values are all rough estimates for

Friable and Non-Friable asbestos-containing waste (ACM) has been disposed of.  This includes porous, contaminated personal items and demolition waste. Beginning in late July, asbestos-contaminated soil will be disposed of.

Approximately twenty 30 cu yd containers of concrete were sent off for recycling to Machado Construction primarily from May 13 to June 6 after demolition.

The demolition subcontractor arranged for the recycling of approximately ten containers of scrap steel.  

Personal "white good" items that were cleaned of asbestos but identified as not needed by the owner were sent off to the local county landfill for disposal.

Waste Stream Quantity Manifest # Disposal Facility
Asbestos from interior cleaning 20.32 tons total 057176, 057177, 057178 Old Dominion Landfill, Richmond, VA
Asbestos 1.92 tons 057183 Old Dominion Landfill, Richmond, VA
Asbestos from demolition 114.19 tons total Tracking Numbers 1 through 19 Cumberland County LF, Shippensburg, PA
Asbestos (mainly from interior cleanup) ~ 30 cu yds Tracking Number 20 Cumberland County LF, Shippensburg, PA
Asbestos contaminated soil ~ 23 tons EACH 996.38 tons total Tracking numbers 001 through 043 transported from 7/22 to 8/30 Modern/Republic Landfill, York, PA