Powhatan Mining Company


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FINAL PHS_GEOPROBE_Report.pdf Final Report on the PHS property Report 4/27/2011 12192 KB Download
FINALPowhatanFactSheet#3 Aug 2010.pdf Powhatan Fact Sheet #3 Fact Sheet 9/2/2010 168 KB Download
EPA Action MemoFINAL.pdf Powhatan Action Memorandum Action Memo 9/2/2010 85 KB Download
article from AsbestosJournal.pdf historic article on the company from Asbestos Journal 1929 document 9/2/2010 888 KB Download
Site Layout Map TT.pdf Site Layout with surroundings Image 9/2/2010 5000 KB Download
Action Memo Figure 1, Site Layout Map REV.pdf Site Figure showing surroundings Action Memo 9/2/2010 421 KB Download
Asbestos Framework FINAL 10`02`08 FINAL FINAL.pdf Final Asbestos Framework for Assessing Asbestos Sites in Superfund document 8/24/2010 2498 KB Download
PMC Site FINAL fact sheet 12 2009.pdf Fact Sheet #2 - December 2009 Fact Sheet 12/18/2009 118 KB Download
Draft Concentric Circle Study Figure.pdf Concentric Circle Air Study Figure document 12/10/2009 531 KB Download
POLREP 2 Powhatan.doc POLREP 2 Powhatan Site POLREP 9/10/2009 53 KB Download
PMC residential fact sheet 08 18 09.pdf Fact Sheet #1 - August 2009 Fact Sheet 8/18/2009 258 KB Download
IMG_0405.JPG Former Facility Image 8/14/2009 57 KB Download
SPECIALBULLETINPowhatanSite.doc POLREP #1 - initiate measures to stop potential abestos migration POLREP 8/14/2009 79 KB Download
draft powhatan mill report w-o appendix a or c.pdf Greenhorne & OMara DRAFT Report July 2009 document 8/10/2009 2505 KB Download
shasta county ca.pdf Historical Geo Report on Ore from CA document 8/5/2009 3184 KB Download
trinity county ca.pdf Historical Geo report on Ore from CA document 8/5/2009 1516 KB Download
redding district ca.pdf Historical Geo Report on Ore from CA Other 8/5/2009 3019 KB Download
bangs_1946.pdf Historical Geo Report on Asbestos in MD Other 8/5/2009 1857 KB Download