Baldwinville Residential Properties

Baldwinville, MA - Region I

Site Contact:

Michael Barry
On-Scene Coordinator

4 Holman Street
Baldwinville, MA 01436

Latitude: 42.6131000
Longitude: -72.0744000

The Site encompasses a residential area surrounding the former Temple Stuart Superfund Removal Site,located on Holman Street in Baldwinville in the Town of Templeton, Worcester County, Massachusetts. The Site's central geographic coordinates are approximately north 42 36' 54” latitude, and west 72 04' 33” longitude. The Site area is about 1/2 mile north of the Baldwinville village center, including 67 residential properties along Winchester, Holman, Harris, Edgar, Elm, Chestnut, Pine, Beech, Walnut, Forest, Fisher, Mason and Bridge Streets; Wilson Court; and Winchendon Road.

Soil sampling for polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) at the adjacent Temple Stuart Superfund Removal Site was performed up to the Site property line; PCB concentrations did not show a decline below acceptable Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) regulatory concentrations for residential areas. Further sampling of some surrounding residential properties' surface soils revealed more widespread PCB contamination.

The sampling of surrounding residential properties begun in 2003 (the “Phase 1 SI”) confirmed existing PCB concentrations in surficial soils above MADEP levels at 28 properties. Removal actions at these properties were begun in August 2004 (“the Phase 1 RAs”). A Phase 2 round of sampling in 2004 indicated PCB concentrations existed above MADEP levels at 22 of 26 properties investigated. Removal at these properties began in April 2005.

On September 14, 2005 an Action Memo Amendment to authorize work beyond 12 months and increase the project ceiling (for an amount above delegated regional authority) was approved by EPA Headquarters.

A Phase 3 investigation was conducted in October 2005; of 36 properties sampled, 12 required removal. The Phase 3 removal was begun in April 2006. A final phase of investigation and cleanup was also begun simultaneously (known as Phase 4). 16 properties were sampled, and 7 removal actions performed.

EPA demoblized from the site after completing the removal of all PCB-contaminated soil in November 2006. A final round of restoration on two properties was completed in June 2007, and all personnel demobilized from the site.

Several individual reports for each property were prepared, including SI results, RA progress (if a removal action was performed), and photologs documenting site conditions. A total of 113 properties underwent sampling; of these, 67 were cleaned up. Reports describing and picturing restoration of properties were also distributed. The reports were sent to the property owners, the Town of Templeton Health Agent, and the MassDEP site manager. Copies were placed in the site file.

The two final project reports for the overall Site Investigation and Removal Action were distributed to the Town of Templeton and MassDEP. These reports have also been posted to this website.

For additional information, visit the Pollution Report (POLREPS) section.