Standard Chlorine of Delaware Site (AKA Metachem)

New Castle, DE - Region III


Site Contact:

Michael Towle

745 Governor Lea Road
New Castle, DE 19720

Latitude: 39.6968990
Longitude: -75.6173160

The Standard Chlorine Site is the location of the Metachem Products, LLC, facility which formerly manufactured chlorinated benzene chemicals. The Company declared bankruptcy in May 2002 at which time the EPA and the State of Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) initiated actions to stabilize the facility and minimize the potential for a release of hazardous substances. The EPA On-Scene Coordinator estimates that nearly 43 million pounds of chemicals were located throughout the former manufacturing facility at the time of its bankruptcy.

EPA and DNREC have reduced risks posed by the Site by transferring chemicals from tanks and vessels throughout the facility into the most secure storage containers, stabilizing liquid chemicals, and conducting disposal operations. EPA conducted the removal of chemicals from more than 100 tanks and discontinued operation of the waste water plant after this was accomplished. EPA has consolidated all wastes resulting from operation of the waste water plant and steam cleaned the chemcial processing equipment.

This website provides information about ongoing response activities at the Site conducted by EPA's Removal Programs. The documents section of this website contains Technical Information Documents which summarize various aspects of the ongoing work. Additionally, weekly progress reports called Pollution Reports (POLREPs) are also posted in the documents section of this website. Finally, links to two other websites containing information about cleanup activities at the Standard Chlorine (a/k/a Metachem) Site are within the links section below.

The EPA Removal Action was essentially completed in September 2006 with the off-Site transportation of the last of the liquid chlorinated benzene materials into the stream of commerce. Remedial activities at the Site continue to include off-Site disposal of wastes and the installation of a ground water remedy. EPA prepared the Facility for safe dismantlement operations and the dismantlement of the facility is nearing completion.