Indiana Battery Co

Indianapolis, IN - Region V

Site Contact:

Jason Sewell
On Scene Coordinator

1302 S Bedford St
Indianapolis, IN 46221

Latitude: 39.7484800
Longitude: -86.2044750

This website is for the Indiana Battery Co Site Operable Unit 1 (OU 1). OU1 refers to property formerly operated by the Indiana Battery Company (IBC) located at 1302 Bedford Street, Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana.

IBC was the location of a retail battery sales store from approximately 1962 until 2008. The IBC corporation is administratively dissolved and no longer occupies or owns the OU1 property.

On August 3rd, 2015, EPA Region 5 received an anonymous complaint that 'truckloads' of batteries had been buried at IBC Site. Site investigations conducted by EPA and the Indiana Power and Light Company (IPL) determined buried battery wastes had been used for fill on not only IBC property, but also two neighboring parcels owned by IPL and the City of Indianapolis. The affected IPL parcel has been designated as OU2 and the affected City of Indianapolis parcel has been designated OU3.

See the Documents of this website for information regarding OU1. See also: