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Guilford Plating Shop

Site Contact:
Terry Stilman


Site Location:
3318 North Church Street
Greensboro, NC 27405
NRC#: 1125987

EPA OSC's Williamson and Ball mobilized to the Guilford Plating shop to conduct a removal site evaluation. Upon arrival the OSCs were met with an unsafe building notice on the door and unsecure plating waste releasing or threatening to release to the environment. The OSCs initiated an emergency response action to secure the release and stabilize the facility. Plating and other wastes were identified, categorized and disposed of at an off-site facility. After completion of the initial emergency action, additional sampling was conducted in and around the facility to determine if on-site contamination had migrated off-site. Based on the analytical results, EPA approved additional funds to complete decontamination of the facility and excavation of contaminated materials. Final contaminated materials removal has been completed.