Precision Plating Corp. Superfund Site

Vernon, CT - Region I


Site Contact:

Tom Condon

1050 Hartford Turnpike
Vernon, CT 06066

Latitude: 41.8506004
Longitude: -72.4483313

The EPA Remedial Project Manager for the Precision Plating Corp. Superfund Site (the Site) requested assistance from EPA’s Removal Program to address hexavalent Chromium (Cr6) contamination in private wells located along Hartford Turnpike (Route 30) in the vicinity of the Hillside Industrial Park, located at 1050 Hartford Turnpike, Vernon, CT. The concentration of Cr6 exceeded EPA’s Removal Management Level of 3.5 µg/l the NH DES in several wells.

A water main owned by the Connecticut Water Company (CWC), a privately owned community water provider, runs along a portion of Hartford Turnpike, and is the closest supplier of potable water. Residential and business properties on Hartford Turnpike to the southwest of the Hillside Industrial Park are fronted by the water main, while properties to the northeast are not. The CWC water main is the only viable source in the area for an alternative water supply.

EPA plans to undertake a Removal Action to provide water to all residences and commercial properties at the Removal site with Cr6 contamination above the 3.5 µg/l RML by connecting them to the CWC water system. Properties located to the southwest of the Hillside Industrial Park would be connected to the existing CWC water main. For properties located to the northeast, EPA proposes to construct a water line extension of the CWC water system.

For additional information, visit the Pollution/Situation Report (Pol/Sitreps) section.



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