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West Lake Landfill - Surface Fire Mitigation

Site Contact:
Tom Mahler


Site Location:
13570 St Charles Rock Rd.
Bridgeton, MO 63044

EPA Region 7 has issued a Unilateral Administrative Order (UAO) to Bridgeton Landfill, LLC; Rock Road Industries, Inc.; and Cotter Corporation to complete a time critical removal action to implement surface fire prevention measures at the West Lake Landfill Site. This action is in response to a surface fire incident at another part of the landfill that did not contact any radiologically impacted material (RIM).

This removal action requires placement of a non-combustible cover over areas at Operable Unit-1 (OU-1) where RIM is currently known to be at or near the surface. This will be accomplished by cutting in place trees and vegetation from on these areas, placing a geotextile fabric over the cut vegetation, and covering the geotextile fabric with 8" of rock.

This action will also include additional overland gamma surveys and collection of soil samples for laboratory analysis to confirm that RIM located at or near the surface has been covered. Air monitoring to monitor for RIM will be conducted to ensure protection of on-site workers and the surrounding community during clearing of trees and vegetation as well as during placement of non-combustible material. Testing will be conducted to ensure remaining trees and vegetation in OU-1 do not pose a fire risk that could result in a potential release of RIM into the atmosphere.

Finally, this action requires the site owners to create an incident management plan which would require 24 hour site observation, measure to prevent and respond to various emergency scenarios, and notification procedures for the appropriate local, state, and federal agencies in the event of an emergency at the Site.

More information and the latest updates on the West Lake Landfill Site can be found at the following webpage:

West Lake Landfill Site Profile Page