PCE Former Dry Cleaner RV002


The general objective of the proposed removal action for the PCE Former Dry Cleaner Site (Site), Atlantic, Cass County, Iowa, is to contain the hazardous substances present in the groundwater from migrating to and further impacting Atlantic municipal water supply wells. The municipal wells are the primary source of drinking water for the residents of the city of Atlantic, Iowa.
Activities under this removal action will include drilling, construction and installation of an interceptor well; ongoing assessment of the existing containment system, including reviewing the need for enhancements or system modifications; sampling to determine the efficiency and effectiveness of the system; performing any necessary system modifications; identifying operational costs of any system modifications (i.e., electricity, gas, water, etc.); additional sampling; and daily system checks.
The EPA will implement any modifications to the groundwater containment system in accordance with this Removal Action until the Remedial Action is implemented for the groundwater, which is anticipated to occur within three years. All existing systems will continue to be operated by Atlantic Municipal Utilities (AMU).