American Warehouse

Eden, NC - Region IV

Site Contact:

Terry Stilman
On Scene Coordinator

206 Warehouse Street
Eden, NC 27288

Latitude: 36.5082000
Longitude: -79.7567990
NRC#: 1155028

The American Warehouse Site was a former textile mill. The mill operations were discontinued in 2009. Several structures were partially demolished in 2012 during salvage operations and the property transferred to a non-profit organization. A property inspection performed by the city reported the presence of approximately 15 drums of waste material present in one of the remaining structures. In September 2016, OSC Terry Tanner conducted an assessment at the facility and confirmed the presence of the drums. The facility owner, a non-profit organization, attempted to find a disposal contractor to remove the drums. In January 2017, the drums were found to have been dumped outside of the facility spilling some of their contents. OSC Stilman conducted an assessment and determined the need for action. EPA and EPA's response contractor have conducted a clean-up of the drums and the surrounding area effected by the drums.



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