Mack Poultry Fat

Site Contact:
Greg Harper
On Scene Coordinator


Site Location:
Highway 77 and Highway 275 N
Talladega, AL 35161
NRC#: 1160308

NRC report #1160308 on Sep 29, 2016 stated a tanker rolled over and released 3,000 gallons of poultry fat into a roadside drainage ditch. The spill occurred at the intersection of Highway 77 and Highway 275 in Talladega, Alabama.

Telephone duty mobilized EPA OSC Greg Harper to provide oversight of response efforts. The OSC coordinated with Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM), Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) and the responsible party. The Talladega Fire Department was also involved with cleanup activities. ALDOT had a local work site close to the spill site and supplied crush-n-run to dam the poultry fat in the dry drainage ditch. The RP hired a response contractor. The response contractor conducted the clean-up of the spill.

The RP’s clean-up contractor removed approximately 3,500 gallons of poultry fat from the ditch. After the poultry fat removed they removed approximately 40 yards of poultry fat impacted soils. The RP contractor will work with ALDOT to complete site restoration where the vegetation and soil was removed.

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