Nicholson Georgia Formaldehyde Release

Nicholson, GA - Region IV


Site Contact:

Brian Englert
Federal On-Scene Coordinator

Georgia Highway 334
Nicholson, GA 30565

Latitude: 34.0813240
Longitude: -83.3860910
NRC#: 1181394

The Site is the location of a tanker truck and stretch of highway that has been impacted with spillage from the tankers load of aqueous solution containing formaldehyde. One of the fill ports on the tanker has no cap and another is not secured. At least four spill areas measuring approximately three to four feet are visible on the surface of the pavement on GA Highway 334. Most the spillage is near the truck. The truck has stopped along highway 334 and has been isolated by local responders. Two residences near the truck have been evacuated.

At approximately 1700 hours on 06/16/2017, it was reported that an 8000-gallon tanker carrying a 50% solution of formaldehyde in methanol release product from an open valve along the roadway for approximately 10 miles. Local Officials responded, secured the tanker and evacuated several nearby residential properties. OSC Englert was deployed to assist unified command and provide air monitoring support.

OSC Englert arrived onsite and provided air monitoring support for local responders and nearby residential properties. No formaldehyde was detected. Several impacted areas could be observed a portion of the truck’s route; however, most were dried, appeared to be small and there appeared to be no significant accumulations of liquid product remaining as it had dried. Documents obtained by local authorities indicate the spilled material does not contain added methanol but is an aqueous solution of formaldehyde.

Cleanup contractors responded and after a second attempt secured the valve on the tanker with assistance from local responders. The tanker was demobilized from the Site will be temporarily stored at the local fire department until the trucking company can relocated it to its destination. Cleanup contractors neutralized and removed pool product near the tanker with absorbents. State DOT was onsite and is planning a thorough assessment to determine if further actions are needed. The evacuation of residences has been lifted and local responders and EPA have demobilized.

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