Reilly Coal Tar

Provo, UT - Region VIII

The Site is an abandoned coal tar distillery which operated from 1924 to 2002. The owner of the property filed for bankruptcy in 2016 and widespread subsurface contamination exists on-site.

The Site is located south of Provo, Utah at the intersection of Mountain Springs Parkway and East 1800 South Street in unincorporated Utah County. Land use in the area is largely industrial. The Ironton Canal constitutes the northern Site boundary and discharges to Spring Creek and then Utah Lake‘s Provo Bay approximately 4 miles west of the Site. There is a seasonal wetland to the south and groundwater tends to flow westward beneath a nearby industrial facility.

The proposed objectives of this response effort are to:

1. Excavate contaminated material from along the Ironton Canal at the northwest corner of the Site and install a flood-resistant barrier between the site and the canal. Collect and dispose of contaminated liquids from this excavated source material and land farm the solid waste in the upland area on-site.
2. Improve Site drainage to prevent contaminated material from migrating into the Ironton Canal.
3. Collect and dispose of the asbestos-containing tiles found on-site.
4. Offer indoor air sampling to a nearby commercial business and coordinate with UDEQ to establish an environmental covenant on the property to guide future remediation activities.



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