Roaring Creek Dumping

Graysville, TN - Region IV


Site Contact:

Brian Englert
On-Scene Coordinator

Harrison Ave at Roaring Creek
Graysville, TN 37338

Latitude: 35.4450370
Longitude: -85.0887900
NRC#: 1192180

Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) requested EPA assistance with the dumping of a suspected environmental hazardous substance/marine pollutant into Roaring Creek. An unknown party dumped the material across approximately 4000 square feet of a dry creek bed in Graysville, TN. Roaring Creek is currently dry and only flows during rain events. Roaring Creek is a tributary of Dallas Lake and the Tennessee River. Hamilton County and Rhea County Emergency Management Agencies have been notified. The dump site is directly adjacent to residential homes. OSC Brian Englert, Emergency and Rapid Removal Services (ERRS) Contractors and Regional Readiness Center (RRC) personnel were deployed to investigate and conduct a cleanup.



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