Carolina Pride Anhydrous Ammonia Release

Greenwood, SC - Region IV


Site Contact:

Brian Englert

1 Packer Ave
Greenwood, SC 29646

Latitude: 34.1902830
Longitude: -82.1438020
NRC#: 1207615

Carolina Pride Foods Anhydrous Ammonia Release, NRC # 1207615, 1 Packer Ave, Greenwood, Greenwood County, SC - In the early morning hours of 3/25/2018 representatives from Carolina Pride Foods, LLC reported a release of anhydrous ammonia. While initial reports indicated a release of an unknown amount with no evacuations, conversations between EPA the Region 4 Phone Duty Officer and the SC DHEC Phone Duty Officer indicated that this could be an instantaneous release of 110,000 lbs of anhydrous ammonia. Two hundred homes which are in very close proximity to the plant have been evacuated and residents are currently in a red cross shelter. No fatalities have been reported but residents are not being allowed back into their homes at this time. SC DHEC responders and a hazmat team from Columbia SC are in route. An EPA Region OSC has been mobilized.



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