Savage Tanker Release

Midvale, UT - Region VIII


Site Contact:

Craig Myers
On Scene Coordinator

Midvale, UT 84049

Latitude: 40.2414000
Longitude: -111.1513000
NRC#: 1208448

On April 4, 2018, EPA received a call from Utah authorities about a semi-trailer truck crash in Wasatch County, UT, that resulted in a tanker fire on US 40. The tanker was reportedly carrying 85 barrels (3,570 gallons) of crude oil. The response team reported that most of the oil burned in the fire, however an unknown amount was released into Chicken Creek and Strawberry Reservoir. Movement of oil has been halted with the deployment of skirt boom and sorbent pads.

EPA deployed an On-Scene Coordinator to the spill location on April 4th to help coordinate an ongoing environmental assessment and response activities. The Wasatch County Health Department, local fire department, and the State of Utah’s Water Quality Division have all been notified. Information is still being gathered, but EPA does not believe there are affected users or threats to drinking water or recreational activities on Strawberry Reservoir.

This response was considered complete on February 7, 2019.

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