Secret Creek Oil Spill

Drexel, NC - Region IV


Site Contact:

Brian Englert
On Scene Coordinator

105 Woodman St
Drexel, NC 28655

NRC#: 1227364

A home heating oil tank discharge contents due to weather conditions from Hurricane Michael. It was reported adjacent homes and a downgradient elementary school may have been impacted by the spilled oil. Sheen was observed in Secrets Creek on Thursday and Friday. The state of North Carolina has requested assistance from EPA. OSC Englert arrived on Site and met with the Potentially Responsible Party (PRP) and Burke County Fire Marshal. A Notice of Federal Interest was issued to the PRP and performed a Site assessment. No visible oil or sheen was observed. Based on the amount of oil remaining in the above ground storage tank and its volume it is estimated that approximately 170-200 gallons were lost. It has been reported that oil flowed overland, through several ditches, to several downgradient storm drains. This is consistent with the area’s topography and visual observations made during the assessment. There have been no odor complaints from school officials or residents. Oil does not appear to have impacted any crawl spaces or the nearby school. The only visibly stain areas were be found in the PRPs yard near the area where the oil spill occurred. OSC Englert recommended the PRP excavate visibly stained areas to prevent any further migration of oil during subsequent rain events. OSC Englert performed air around the storm drains near the school and their outfall, the PRP’s yard and around the neighborhood. The only significant detections were observed at soil levels in the PRPs yard near where the spill occurred. For more information contact OSC Englert.



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