AEF Spill

Picayune, MS - Region IV


Site Contact:

Leo Francendese
On Scene Coordinator

113 Street A
Picayune, MS 39466

Latitude: 30.5093610
Longitude: -89.6859330
NRC#: 1246274

The NRC received notification of a spill as #1246274 on 5/20/2019. The facility storage bladder containing diesel has ruptured discharged between 6000 to 15000 gallons of product. The bladder was holding approximately 200000 gallons of diesel prior to rupture. According to the SOSC and facility personnel the overwhelming majority of fuel remained in secondary containment. In addition the SOSC estimates that the spill resulted in approximately 6000 to 15000 gallons overtopping the berm and ending up in the facility drainage ditches and adjacent RR drainage ditch. The fuel had migrated approximately 1/2 mile along the RR drainage ditch. Alligator Branch is approximately 1 mile from the facility. The FOSC was deployed on the morning of the 21st to access and ensure an effective and efficient response consistent with the NCP.

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