CDPHE Mercury

Denver, CO - Region VIII


Site Contact:

Shun-Ping Chau

4300 E Cherry Creek South Drive
Denver, CO 80246

Latitude: 39.7050744
Longitude: -104.9367243
NRC#: 1247294

On May 29, 2019 a call requesting help came from Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) regarding a small mercury spill at their office in Cherry Creek, Denver, Colorado. CDPHE personnel removed as much mercury as they could and isolated the area but lack equipment for clearance.

OSCs Pete Stevenson and Valeriy Bizyayev arrived at the site around noon and discovered that the spill was from a broken thermometer in the file room. The thermometer was removed by an unknown person but mercury has been tracked onto carpeting in the hallway and nearby work areas. The highest reading was 140,000 ng/cubic meter of air near a piece of broken glass on the floor but much lower readings were recorded in the breathing zones.

Access agreement was signed in the morning of May 30, 3019.

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