Crowley County Asbestos Site

Ordway, CO - Region VIII


Site Contact:

Craig Giggleman

8714 County Lane 18.5
Ordway, CO 81063

Latitude: 38.3928965
Longitude: -103.9140316

In 2019, the Crowley County Commissioners and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) requested an EPA removal action on fire-damaged residences near the Town of Ordway in Crowley County, Colorado. An EPA On-Scene Coordinator (OSC) deployed with a Superfund Technical Assessment and Response Team (START) to conduct a removal site evaluation of two properties which contained the remnants of former residential structures that had burned and were partially demolished (the Site). This evaluation determined that friable asbestos-containing material (ACM) was present in building materials and debris scattered throughout both properties.
There has been a release of friable asbestos to the environment from the ACM at both properties. These properties are in rural neighborhoods, with other residences located nearby. There are continued incidents of trespassing and no adequate restrictions to prevent children or other persons from accessing the properties.

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