Chem Warfare Agent (CWA)and Emerging Threats Safety Training

Ft. Meade, MD - Region III


Site Contact:

Charlie Fitzsimmons

701 Mapes Rd
Ft. Meade, MD 20755

Latitude: 39.1048409
Longitude: -76.7238476

EPA Region III in partnership with the US Army Chem Bio Center at Edgewood, Md, DHS and DHHS will provide two half day training session for OSCs, Special Teams and invitees regarding Chem Warfare Agent medical countermeasures (MCM). Due to COVID, the platform for delivery will be virtual and will occur on May 12, and 13, 2020. May 12 delivery will evaluate traditional whereas May 13 will focus on non traditionals and is Intended to help OSCs/STs plan for MCM..
Specific objectives are as follows:
1. Learn from experienced CWA recovery and medical personnel specific to Medical Countermeasures (MCM);
2.Use information gathered to enhance EPA’s draft “DuoDote Storage and Use Protocol”;
3. Maintain EPA’s relationship with US Army’s Chemical Biological Center (formerly ECBC) located in Edgewood, Md

Presentations provided by experts from the US Army Chem Bio Center at Edgewood. Md and DHS occupational health physicians along with ATSDR will provide insight into their MCM programs for their employees, who regularly work with nerve agents and decommissioning of nerve agent stock pile facilities.

The training will explore best practices for duo dote countermeasures, field cholinesterase test kits, patient care onsite and offsite, signs and symptoms recognition and other relevent topics for the OSCs and Special Teams recovery personnel.



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