Otero County Asbestos

Site Contact:
Eric Sandusky
On-Scene Coordinator


Site Location:
Cheraw, CO 81030

Site Description

County officials requested assistance with two non-contiguous properties located in Otero County, Colorado. These properties contained remnants of former residential structures that had burned and two trailers that are missing exterior walls. An evaluation determined that friable asbestos-containing material (ACM) was present in building materials and in the debris scattered throughout both properties. There has been a release of friable asbestos to the environment from the ACM at both properties. These properties are in rural neighborhoods with other residences located nearby.

The Site was identified by municipal and county officials as a safety concern, posing a potential asbestos exposure threat to nearby residents and community members. Conditions at the Site present a threat to public health and the environment and meet the criteria for initiating a removal action under 40 CFR § 300.415(b) of the National Contingency Plan.

Initial Response

Municipal and county officials identified properties that pose a threat to public health and the environment and requested State and EPA assistance. EPA conducted a removal site evaluation in July 2020 identifying 2 properties that met the criteria from EPA to initiate a time-critical removal action.

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