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Sebring Industrial Plating

Site Contact:
Stephen Wolfe
On-Scene Coordinator


Site Location:
546 West Tennessee Avenue
Sebring, OH 44672

The Sebring Industrial Plating Site was an electroplating facility since 1957.  The facility has been the subject of multiple Ohio EPA enforcement investigations and the facility ceased operations in March 2021.   Ohio EPA referred the site to EPA in March 2021 due to the presence of unsecured hazardous waste, including, but not limited to:  approximately 75 drums and totes, 50 small containers of hazardous waste, hundreds of aerosol spray cans, and approximately 30 open chemical vats.  A portion of the facility roof has collapsed causing the potential for vats of plating liquids to overflow.   

EPAs actions will be focused on removing hazardous materials from inside the building and inspecting the soil surrounding the facility to determine if a release tot he environment occurred.   A previous Fund-Lead removal action occurred at this facility in 2012 and was focused on the removal of outside waste sludge pits.