J.H. Baxter

Site Contact:
Randy Nattis
On Scene Coordinator


Site Location:
85 Baxter St
Eugene, OR 97402

The 31-acre J H Baxter & Co. property at 85 Baxter St. in Eugene (the “Site”) has been home to an active wood treatment facility (the “Facility”) since 1943. Historical spills and operational practices have caused soil and groundwater contamination. The Facility has also had past violations of its air quality and water quality permits, and numerous hazardous waste violations. The local community has complained of odors and expressed concern over related health effects of the Facility’s emissions. Since 1989 DEQ, the EPA and the Lane Regional Air Protection Agency (LRAPA) have investigated the Facility, issued enforcement actions, and required on-site cleanup of contamination. In 2018 EPA RCRA issued a Consent Agreement and Final Order to J H Baxter & Co. requiring cleanup of the tram storage area at the Facility as part of the on-site remedial action subsequently selected in 2019.

In accordance with OAR 340-122-0115 (26) The ‘Facility’ or ‘Site” includes the J H Baxter facility itself, as well as “any area where a hazardous substance has been deposited, stored, disposed of, or placed, or otherwise come to be located.” At this site, this includes the on-site and off-site areas, including residential neighborhoods near the Facility, where contamination from the Facility has migrated.

A DEQ Record of Decision was completed for the Site in October 2019 (DEQ, 2019). The remedy includes capping about 16 acres of contaminated soil at the Site, continuing groundwater pumping for hydraulic containment of contaminated groundwater, removal of contaminated ditch sediments on the south side of the Site, and sampling of soil in offsite areas that could reasonably have been impacted by contaminant discharges from the facility. Offsite areas that are more likely to have been impacted are to the north and south of the Site, in the direction of the prevailing winds. The ditch on the south side of the Site accepts stormwater runoff from the east, along the railroad tracks and treated stormwater from the Site.

On February 10, 2022 DEQ formally requested EPA’s assistance to conduct additional offsite sampling of other residential properties and have provided a list for EPA to consider 

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