Explorer Transport Oil Spill

Hiawassee, GA - Region IV


Site Contact:

Rick Jardine


Highway 75 North
Hiawassee, GA

Latitude: 34.8150030
Longitude: -83.7426420
NRC#: 757066

On 28 April 2005 at approximately 09:30 EDT, a highway tanker ran off of GA Highway 75 and overturned down an embankment onto the National Forest impacting headwaters to the Hiawassee River. The tanker contained 9200 gallons of gasoline, on- and off-road diesel fuel. Approximately 800 gallons of gasoline was transferred from the wrecked tanker into a sound tanker. The rest of the product was discharged to the environment. Some oil ran overland to streams some seeped into the soil and is observed weeping out into several springs within 100 yards of the impact site. EPA OSC Jardine and GA EPD SOSC Perry providing advisement and conducting oversight to USFS and RP response activity.

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