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Connoquenessing Creek Diesel

Site Contact:
Erik Armistead
On-Scene Coordinator


Site Location:
East Butler Rd
East Butler, PA 16029

On July 22, 2023, Butler County Emergency Services received a notification regarding a petroleum odor and sheen within Connoquenessing Creek. Butler County Emergency Services and Butler Motor Transit personnel conducted initial response actions. Butler County notified Pennsylvania (Report 60936) regarding the release of diesel fuel impacting Connoquenessing Creek.

An unknown quantity of diesel fuel is believed to have been released from motor coaches stored in East Butler, PA.  The suspected pathway is via overland flow to a stormwater drainage system which discharges into the unnamed tributary of Connoquenessing Creek. A total of approximately 127 motor coaches with fuel tanks of a capacity of 180-200 gallons are present at the location.

EPA met with Butler Motor Transit and Butler County Emergency Services personnel at the site on July 30, 2023. Sorbent boom is currently being maintained, and five bags of spent boom are currently staged for disposal. Over the past week, Butler Motor Transit personnel have pumped 18 motor coaches tanks empty, and plan on continuing to pump out the remaining motor coaches.  Butler Motor Transit also plans on conducting excavation of soils near the entry drain to the storm water system under oversight of PADEP personnel. While inspecting the area, emulsified product was observed building up behind sorbent booms, within grasses of the unnamed tributary, and significant sheening was observed in sections of the unnamed tributary and the confluence with Connoquenessing Creek.  Disturbing sediments in these areas would release significant sheen as well.