Broken Sound Anthrax

Boca Raton, FL - Region IV

Site Contact:

Terry Stilman
On-Scene Coordinator

5401 Broken Sound Blvd
Boca Raton, FL

In October of 2001, 5401 Broken Sound Blvd. (former AMI Building) received a package or letter contaminated with bacillus anthracis (BA). Sampling by EPA, the Centers for Disease Control and the building owner’s contractor found BA throughout. In July of 2004, the building owner’s contractor decontaminated the three top floors using chlorine dioxide (ClO2). Before decontamination, papers, photos and other office supplies where boxed, placed on pallets and moved to the basement. Approximately 600 pallets of this material, presumed to be contaminated with BA, were originally placed in the basement. The basement was formerly used as a parking garage and is approximately four feet below ground surface and open to the air.

For additional information, visit the Pollution Report (POLREPS) section.



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