Key Oil Co. SR 80 Spill

Martin, KY - Region IV

Site Contact:

Art Smith

KY State Route 80
Martin, KY

Latitude: 37.5764920
Longitude: -82.7588830
NRC#: 769734

On 08/20/05 at approximately 0025 hrs., the National Response Center was notified of an oil spill resulting from a multi-vehicle accident in Martin, Floyd County, Kentucky, which involved a fatality (NRC#769734). The accident occurred on 08/19/05 at about 1730 hrs., when a dump truck collided with a Key Oil tanker truck on KY SR 80, near the intersection with KY SR 122. As a result, the tanker truck lost about 1,000 gallons of hydraulic oil, most of which entered Bucks Branch. The EPA Duty Officer dispatched On-Scene Coordinator Art Smith to respond and evaluate the pollution threat to surface water.

The EPA OSC arrived onscene on 08/20 at approximately 1300 hrs. Key Oil's cleanup contractor (TPMGroup) had recovered up to 3,000 gallons of an oil/water mixture from Buck's Branch. The OSC estimated that less than 100 gallons of oil was present in a 0.25 mile reach of Buck's Branch affected by the spill. This material was judged to be contained effectively, pending further cleanup. No observed impacts to fish & wildlife were noted.

After conferring with a representative of the Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection (KYDEP) who was also onscene, it was decided that KYDEP would maintain responsibility for the reaining oversight of oils spill cleanup operations. The OSC departed the site at approximately 1530 hrs. on 08/20/05, marking the termination of EPA's response to this incident.

For additional information, visit the Pollution Report (POLREPS) section.



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