LWD, Inc.

Calvert City, KY - Region IV

Site Contact:

Steve Spurlin
On-Scene Coordinator


2475 Industrial Parkway
Calvert City, KY 42029

Latitude: 37.0469000
Longitude: -88.3320000
NRC#: 789741

The Site was a former waste treatment and disposal facility located on 31.8 acres geographically located at latitude 37° 2’ 51.6” north and longitude 88° 20’ 23.2” west within the Calvert City Industrial Complex. The property is bordered by the P&L Railroad and Highway 1523 to the north, the Carbide-Graphite Group to the west, a county road and agricultural land to the east, and a Tennessee Valley Authority power line right-of-way to the south.

The Site initially operated as a landfill and later as a hazardous waste incinerator from the 1950s through 2004. The Site functioned under Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Interim Status from approximately 1980 through mid-2004. Over the years, the operating entities submitted multiple hazardous waste permit applications some of which were denied by Kentucky Department of Environmental Protection (KDEP), received numerous Notices of Violations from KDEP on various issues (e.g., leaking drums, leaking roll-off containers, containers with holes, waste accumulating in containment areas, wastes that were fuming and/or had strong solvent odors, and pumps leaking scrubber water). The owners failed to comply with multiple Agreed Orders intended to address the environmental issues at the Site.

On-Site incineration of hazardous waste ceased in January 2004, and the last owner, Bluegrass Incineration Services, LLC, abandoned the Site in October 2005, leaving extensive volumes of hazardous waste on the Site.

In February 2006, KDEP requested assistance from USEPA’s Emergency Response and Removal Branch (ERRB) Superfund Division in an effort categorize environmental hazards.

The ERRB performed a removal site evaluation on February 28, 2006, determining that initiation of a time-critical removal action was necessary to stabilize the Site due to the threat of release of hazardous substances posed by a large tank farm and containment area on the brink of overflowing and potentially resulting in an off-site release.

The initial Action Memorandum regarding this Site was signed on March 5, 2006. Two additional Action Memoranda were signed in April and August 2006.

Based on the abandoned status of the Site, USEPA commenced the time-critical response action the week March 6, 2006. Results from sampling performed by USEPA showed that elevated concentrations of numerous hazardous substances were still present on Site. The Final Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) Emergency Response Action and Removal Site Evaluation Report (TetraTech EM Inc., July 28, 2006) recommended a removal action in accordance with Title 40 Code of Federal Regulations (40 CFR), Part 300, Section 415(b)(1). USEPA’s time critical removal activities completed between March 2006 and February 2007 reduced the urgent threats posed by several areas of the Site.

The former LWD, Inc. facility (Site), located at 2475 Industrial Boulevard, Calvert City, Marshall County, Kentucky has been the subject of a time critical removal action initiated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) Region 4 in February 2006. On February 28, 2007, the LWD Site Potentially Responsible Party (PRP) Group entered into an Administrative Settlement Agreement and Order on Consent for Removal Action (AOC) with the USEPA and assumed the lead role in completing the removal action.

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