Mayfield-Hodges #6 Orphaned Oil Well

Natchez, MS - Region IV

Site Contact:

James Webster / Chuck Eger
On-Scene Coordinator

Natchez, MS

Latitude: 31.4306000
Longitude: -91.4983000

The Mayfield Hodges Well No. 6 was referred to the EPA-Emergency Response and Removal Branch (EPA-ERRB) by the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (MS-DEQ). It is one of two orphaned oil wells on the Mayfield-Hodges lease which are impacting the Mississippi River. Prior to the week of September 4, 2006, the wells were submerged in 15 to 30 feet of water in a secondary channel of the Mississippi River and directly adjacent to the St. Catherine Creek National Wildlife Refuge. Any discharges of oil, brine or natural gas would be potentially devastating to the local wildlife and the environment.



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