Newcomb Oil Cane Run Gasoline Spill

Louisville, KY - Region IV

Site Contact:

Art Smith
On-Scene Coordinator

Louisville, KY

Latitude: 38.2052230
Longitude: -85.8282660
NRC#: 815973

On 10/24/06 at 1730 hrs., a fully loaded gasoline tanker truck overturned on an on-ramp to I-264 in Louisville, KY and spilled over 6,000 gallons of product. The carrier, Newcomb Oil of Bardstown, KY, was turning from the northbound lane of Cane Run Road onto I-264 when the accident occurred. The driver incurred only minor injuries. 3 local fire departments responded immediately, and determined that the damage was so severe that the product was allowed to leak until conditions stabilized. I-264 was closed in both directions for nearly 20 hrs., until the vehicle could be safely uprighted and moved offsite.

EPA OSC Art Smith responded to the scene at approximately 2030 hrs. on 10/24/06, and assisted with the cleanup of the spilled product. The product was contained in a roadside ditch within 500 feet of the spill site, and no impacts to downstream water users or the environment were observed. The Louisville Metro Health Department issued a cleanup order to Newcomb Oil, who hired AES, Inc. to mitigate the oil spill. Vacuum trucks were used to remove product, and the affected soils in the ditch will be excavated to prevent a secondary discharge to surface water. Other agencies responding to the environmental cleanup were the Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD), and the Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection

OSC Smith demobilized at 1430 hrs. on 10/25/06, and no further federal interest in this matter is warranted.

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