Oil City, MS - Region IV

Site Contact:

Dean Ullock
On-Scene Coordinator

Oil City, MS

Latitude: 32.7294000
Longitude: -90.4692000
NRC#: 816596

On Tuesday, October 31, 2006 at approximately 0700, a local property owner called the NRC to report that a large quanity of oil was spotted in Perry Creek. The responsible party (Dufour Petroleum)initally estimated the amount of release as 100 barrels.

A 4-in. line on Dufour Petroleum's crude oil gathering system in Yazoo County, Mississippi developed a leak, releasing crude oil which traveled through a series of dry gullies before entering Perry Creek.

The oil and sheen extend some 4.5 miles downstream from the break site. Four oil recovery points are in place, with three actively recovering oil.