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EPA's Emergency Responder Health and Safety Manual

Site Contact:
Christopher Gallo


Site Location:
Washington, DC 20001

In June 2005, EPA issued OSWER Directive 9285.3-12 to announce the release of EPA’s Emergency Responder Health and Safety Manual. The manual consists of a series of chapters that outline steps that must be taken to protect the Agency’s emergency responders from job-related injuries, accidents, and exposures to hazardous materials. All 10 EPA regions, the Environmental Response Team, the National Decontamination Team, and Headquarters must implement the manual. EPA organizations must produce customized versions of each chapter and review and update their customized chapters annually. The manual and relevant administrative and training documents are posted on this site. In addition, this site provides access to completed chapters that have been customized with organization-specific information.

Please refer to the Emergency Response Health & Safety Manual documents