Crossroads Grocery

Franklinton, NC - Region IV

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Kenneth Rhame

10 Sims Bridge Rd
Franklinton, NC 27525

Latitude: 36.1236000
Longitude: -78.3917000

On May 30, 2007 the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR)requested assistance from US EPA Region 4 in dealing with a release of approximately 5,500 gallons of gasoline. The release occured on February 3, 2007 when a young driver (approximately age 17) stopped at Crossroads Grocery to fill his vehicle gas tank with gas. The young man was reportedly driving a stolen car (car was owned by his mother) as well as attempting to buy alcohol and tobacco before fueling the vehicle when he began to get nervous and sped away from the store without removing the gas dispensing nozel thus releasing approximately 5,500 gallons of gasoline. The Crossroads Grocery is located at the intersection of West River Rd and Sims Bridge Rd in Franklinton, Franklin County NC

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