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Countywide Landfill

Site Contact:
Paul Ruesch


Site Location:
3619 Gracemont Street SE
East Sparta, OH 44626

The Countywide Landfill Site is located at 3619 Gracemont Street SW, East Sparta, Stark County, Ohio, 44626.

Countywide is a solid waste municipal landfill owned and operated by Republic Services of Ohio II, LLC. The landfill is regulated under Subtitle D of the Resource Conservation Recovery Act. The facility is permitted and licensed by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (Ohio EPA). The facility has been in operation since 1991. Republic purchased and has operated the facility from March 1999 to the present.

The landfill was designed and constructed with engineered systems to protect the environment, including a composite liner system, leachate collection system, and landfill gas collection and control system (GCCS).

Countywide estimates that it accepted, as one of its waste streams, approximately 600,000 tons of aluminum process waste between 1993 and 2006. The majority of this material is described as “dross” or “salt cake.” It is a by-product of the melting of aluminum with a salt flux.

Aluminum waste reacts with water-based liquids to form ammonia, hydrogen, and acetylene gasses. In addition, excessive heat is generated due to the chemical reaction.

In July 2001, Republic became aware of elevated temperatures in landfill gas wells located in several cells at the facility.

Beginning in 2004, the City of Canton Health Department received approximately 30 citizen odor complaints associated with the facility. In November 2004, Republic began the installation of landfill gas collection and control systems (GCCS) in the western part of the landfill to assist in the elimination of potential odors.

In June 2005, Republic completed construction and started operating a comprehensive GCCS. From June 2005, through the middle of December 2005, only four odor complaints were received by the Canton Health Department.

In December 2005, Republic identified landfill gas (LFG) wells with higher than expected temperatures while increased odors were being attributed to the landfill. From January through August 2006, the Canton Health Department received over 660 odor complaints.

Early in 2006, Countywide observed an unusual increase in well temperatures, leachate outbreaks, accelerated settlement, and an increase in odors. Republic initiated numerous activities to reduce odor generation from the landfill. Actions included, but were not limited to, discontinued leachate recirculation, installation of 38 additional wells, upgrading and repairing various components to its gas collection system, increasing temperature and well monitoring, and installing additional gas flares.

A large area of the landfill experienced substantial and rapid settlement of up to twenty feet in areas and has moved horizontally a minimum of six feet. Republic constructed an approximately 30-acre temporary flexible membrane liner (FML) cap over the impacted area. Republic also discovered changes in the landfill gas composition, including a decrease in methane, an increase in carbon monoxide, and an increase in hydrogen concentrations.

In light of the odors attributed to the landfill, the Ohio EPA issued numerous Director’s Final Findings and Orders (DFF&Os)to address the odor problems associated with the landfill. In a letter dated February 5, 2008, the Director of the Ohio EPA requested U.S. EPA’s assistance to address the subsurface fire issues at the site.

For additional information, visit the Pollution Report (POLREPS) section.