Al's Radiator Shop

Lake Wales, FL - Region IV

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Jason Booth

1298 State Road 60
Lake Wales, FL'sRadiatorShop

Latitude: 27.9039250
Longitude: -81.6104860

The Al's Radiator Site (ARS) site is located at 1298 State Route 60 in Lake Wales, Polk County, Florida in a predominantly commercial and residential area. Specifically, the geographic coordinates for the ARS site, as measured from the on-site debris pile located in the center of the property, are 27.903925 north latitude and -81.610486 west longitude within Township 30 South, Range 27 East, Section 3. The site covers approximately 0.9 acre of partially developed land located along the northern side of State Route 60. One building approximately 45 by 70 feet formerly existed centrally on the site. Two debris piles arelocated at the Site, the first consisting of building materials remaining from the demolished building and the second consisting of common refuse. The Site is bound to the north and west by a residence, to the east by vacant land, to the northeast by a flea market, and to the south by a drainage ditch that runs parallel to State Route 60.
From the 1980s until 2000, the site had been used as a radiator repair facility. Activities conducted at the site included the core replacement of radiators, radiator repair and replacements, and storage of used radiators and fuel tanks. The repair process involved flushing antifreeze from radiator systems, soldering radiators with lead, flushing and cleaning the inner components of radiators with muriatic acid, and repainting radiators.

The first site investigation at ARS was conducted by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection – Southwest District (FDEP-SWD) in September 2000 prior to the issuance of a Consent Order (CO). The investigation was limited to a visual inspection of the site. In October 2000, the FDEP-SWD issued the CO for site cleanup of illegally dumped antifreeze and subsequently coordinated with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) to arrest the site owner and operator. As a result of the CO, several site investigations were conducted.
During a Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) inspection conducted by the FDEP-SWD, soil and surface water sampling and analysis were conducted to confirm the presence of contamination. Lead and ethylene glycol were present at concentrations exceeding state regulatory threshold values. In August 2006 and June 2007, additional site investigation activities were conducted on behalf of EPA Region 4's Remedial Branch via the FDEP. Samples collected from surface soils, subsurface soils, and groundwater were submitted for analysis. Results of the sampling indicated that several surface soil samples collected at the site contained high concentrations of lead in the soil. The findings of the assessment indicated (1) a release had occurred at the site, (2) the release has contaminated the shallow on-site soils, and (3) the soil receptor pathway may be impacted. Additional Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act investigation activities were recommended for the site. After determining that the Site would not rank on the NPL, the Remedial Branch requested that EPA Region 4's Emergency Response and Removal Branch conduct a Removal Site Evaluation to determine if the Site met the requirements for a Time Critical Removal. In turn, a Removal Site Evaluation was conducted by ERRB on April 30, 2008.

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