Louisville, GA - Region IV

Site Contact:

Diedre Lloyd

1600 Georgia Highway 17 South
Louisville, GA 30434

Latitude: 32.9905724
Longitude: -82.3805024

The 11.36 acre VanTran Site (the site) is located at the southwest corner of the intersection of Georgia Highway 17 and Airport Road, Louisville, Jefferson County, Georgia. The site, along with the surrounding area, is predominately used from commercial and industrial purposes. The site is located less than 2,000 feet from the single airway that comprises the Louisville Municipal Airport and is bounded to the south by the Louisville Municipal Airport, to the north by Georgia Highway 17, to the east by Airport Road, and to the west by wooded property.

In 1970, the property was purchased from the City of Louisville, by VanTran Electronics (VanTran) of Waco, Texas. From 1970 to 1973, VanTran manufactured transformers containing polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) onsite. Various onsite processes related to transformer manufacturing included: painting, baking and annealing in ovens, welding, winding of core and coils and assembly. Transformer manufacturing ceased in 1973; however, VanTran refurbished used transformers onsite until sometime prior to 1987 and eventually, ceased onsite operations during the mid 1990s. The site is currently vacant and the property is listed for sale by owner

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