Southern Meadows Stokesdale

Stokesdale, NC - Region IV

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Lynnette Sholar
On-Scene Coordinator

Stokesdale, NC

Southern Meadows is a subdivision in Stokesdale, NC, Guilford County. In the mid 90's wells were found to be contaminated with ethylene dibromide (EDB). Concentrations of EDB were detected in residential wells as high as 33.0 ug/L. NC Division of Water Quality (NCDWQ) conducted a groundwater investigation and determined the source to be within the subdivision. This area was formerly a tobacco farm. There have been no potentially responsible parties (PRPs) identified. Upon discovery (mid 90's) of the contamination, the Guilford County Health Department installed point of entry (POE) carbon filtration units at each residence. Carbon filtration units are temporary solutions and require thorough and constant maintenance. In efforts better protect human health and eliminate any filtration maintenance, it is recommended that the existing water line on Pond Ridge Court be extended to each residence with a filtration unit.

For additional information, visit the Pollution Report (POLREPS) section.



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