Aberdeen Contaminated Groundwater

Aberdeen, NC - Region IV

Site Contact:

Kenneth Rhame
On-Scene Coordinator


Highway 211, Old Pee Dee Rd,
Crestline Ln, Blues Bridge Rd
Aberdeen, NC 28315

Latitude: 35.1238220
Longitude: -79.3982440
NRC#: 899036

An underground storage tank was discovered within an EPA Superfund Site and is leaking an unknown V.O.C. material.

The Aberdeen Contaminated Ground Water site in Aberdeen, North Carolina has been proposed for addition to EPA’s National Priorities List (NPL) of hazardous waste sites. It is one of six hazardous waste sites to be proposed for addition to the NPL, while twelve sites nationally are being added to the list.

The Aberdeen Contaminated Ground Water site is located on highway Route 211 in Aberdeen, Moore County, N.C. Powdered Metal Products (PMP) manufactured precision machine parts at the facility from 1980 until 1995. The operation utilized a trichloroethene (TCE) dip-vat as part of the manufacturing process. During the investigation of ground water contamination at the Geigy Chemical Corporation NPL site in 1990, which is located just on the other side of State Route 211, TCE, lead and pesticide contamination was detected in numerous private wells along Crestline Lane and Route 211. Investigations have identified contaminated soils in the vicinity of the former TCE dip-vat utilized by PMP as the source of TCE contamination in the ground water.

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