Brae Burn Drive

Site Contact:
Kenneth Rhame


Site Location:
3 Brae Burn Drive
Arden, NC
NRC#: # 900383

As a result of quarterly sampling being conducted by EPA associated with the CTS Site, a sample containing a elevated lead concentration of 1,345 ppb was discovered. This concentration is well above the EPA removal action level (RAL). The sample was collected at 3 Brae Burn Drive from a home that is connected to a community well serving six homes. The lead is not believed to be related to the CTS Site. NRC Report (#900383) was made by the County Health Department. It is not known at this time whether the lead detected in the sample is coming from impacted groundwater potentially exposing residents in all six homes, or if it is isolated to the one home that was sampled and is a result of faulty plumbing. As a precautionary measure, EPA Phone Duty Officer mobilized the NC Outposted OSC.
The OSC delivered bottled water to all six residents and is contracting a water delivery service to provide bottled water to all six residents until additional sampling can be done to determine source/cause.
Sampling is scheduled to occur on March 21, all six homes will be sampled individually as well as the pump house next to the well.

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