Nolin River Lake Cessna Spill

Bee Spring, KY - Region IV

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A single engine aircraft crashed into Nolin River Lake on Oct. 18, 2003, resulting in two fatalities. Law enforcement officials reported that oil product was leaking from the hull of the aircraft, which was submerged in 15 feet of water. The crash site was approximately 1.25 miles upstream of a public drinking water intake. Nolin River Lake discharges into the Green River, which connects to the Ohio River, a navigable waterway. Although the quantity of fuel released is unknown, it meets the classification as a minor oil discharge under the National Contingency Plan (NCP)

On Oct. 20, 2003, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (COE) Louisville District contacted the OSC to request assistance in removing the pollution threat. After consulting with the National Pollution Fund Center (NPFC), a Pollution Removal Funding Authorization (PRFA) was issued to the COE on Oct. 21, 2003, in the amount of $6,000. The PRFA covers the COE's costs to remove the aircraft from the lake (which was determined by the OSC to be necessary in order to mitigate the discharge of oil to navigable water), and to remove product with adsorbent boom and pads. The Kentucky Department of Environmental Protection (KYDEP) also responded to the incident and provided assistance to the COE at the scene.

Consistent with 40 CFR 300.320(b), oil removal activities were completed on Oct. 21, 2003. No additional removal actions are planned.

For additional information, visit the Pollution Report (POLREPS) section.



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