Chapel Hill Church Road

Site Contact:
Stephen Ball


Site Location:
14 Chapel Hill Church Road
Asheville, NC 28803
NRC#: 915450

On August 19, 2009 OSC Ball received preliminary analytical data from an EPA site assessment sampling event in Asheville, North Carolina. Results from one residential well, located at 14 Chapel Hill Church Rd. Asheville, North Carolina, indicate elevated TCE concentrations above EPA Region 4 Removal Action Levels. The well depth is approximately 500 feet deep. The OSC immediately called the resident, Mr. David Bradley, to confirm that they were drinking the well water. Mr. Bradley indicated that he along with his wife and child were consuming the groundwater. He also indicated that his son and wife, living in the residence next door were connected to the same well and were also consuming the well water.

The OSC notified phone duty of the situation and began the ER process to provide bottled water to both residences. ERRS contractor WRS was activated and provided 10 cases of bottled water to each home within 3 hours. Subsequently, The OSC will work with ERRS to secure a bottled water service to provide the residents with bottled water until further notice.